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Grant of The Japan Association for Mathematical Sciences

We are pleased to announce that The Japan Association for Mathematical Sciences (JAMS) awarded again a grant to the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach for support of visitors from Japan.

In particular, this grant enables the MFO to support the participation of promising young scientists from Japanese universities or institutes as "Heizaemon Honda Scholars". Travel expenses for these Heizaemon Honda Scholars can be covered up to 500 Euros (in exceptional cases, up to 800 Euros). The internal costs for accommodation and meals at Oberwolfach will be covered by the JAMS as well.

The participants have to be of Japanese nationality, have to be 30 years old or younger, and have to come as a student, graduate student or post doc from a Japanese university/institute to Oberwolfach.

Interested persons matching these conditions may apply by sending an email with information about

- full name and address of university or institution,

- age, gender and nationality,

- year of Master/Diploma degree and year of Ph.D./Dr. degree,

- current position and

- short description of their research activity

to the director of the Institute.

As the institute wishes to increase the number of female participants, applications from female researchers are very welcome.

The final decision about participation will be made by the director after advice by the organizers. As the number of Heizaemon Honda Scholars within this grant is restricted, not every application can be considered.