The MFO has three regular scientific publications (OWR, OWS and OWP). Moreover, there is an annual report and some further publications, e.g. the Festschrift of the 60th anniversary of the MFO in 2004:

Oberwolfach Reports

The Oberwolfach Reports (OWR) is a serial containing official reports with extended abstracts of all talks of every workshop in Oberwolfach. OWR is published in cooperation with the publishing house of the EMS. Interested libraries or institutes can subscribe to OWR on a non-profit basis (yearly 4 hard back issues with more than 3000 pages for 190 Euro plus shipping) or can make exchange arrangements with their institute publications.  [more]

Oberwolfach Seminars

The book series Oberwolfach Seminars (OWS) is published in cooperation with Birkhäuser. In this series, the material of the Oberwolfach seminars is made available to an even larger audience.  [more]

Oberwolfach Preprints

The Oberwolfach Preprints (OWP) mainly contain research results related to a longer stay in Oberwolfach. In particular, this concerns the Research in Pairs-Programme and the Oberwolfach-Leibniz-Fellows, but this can also include an Oberwolfach Lecture, for example.  [more]

Annual Reports

Starting with the year 2005, the MFO also publishes an annual report containing information not only on the annual scientific programme, but also on other activities and on the yearly budget.  [more]

Further Publications

Further publications, e.g. the Festschrift of the 60th anniversary of the MFO in 2004.  [more]