Annual Publications

Starting with the year 2005, the MFO also publishes an annual report containing information not only on the annual scientific programme, but also on other activities and on the yearly budget. The print version can be bought at the MFO (with a charge of 5 Euro to cover the external printing cost). The members of the Förderverein (Friends of Oberwolfach) receive the annual report for free.



Annual Report 2013 (pdf, 6,93 MB)

Annual Report 2012 (pdf, 6,46 MB)

Annual Report 2011 (pdf, 5,40 MB)

Annual Report 2010 (pdf, 6,50 MB)

Annual Report 2009 (pdf, 4,80 MB)

Annual Report 2008 (pdf, 5,20 MB)

Annual Report 2007 (pdf, 8,39 MB)

Annual Report 2006 (pdf, 15,5 MB)

Annual Report 2005 (pdf, 9,92 MB).

Besides a documentation of the scientific programme and a report including a short overview on the financial situation, you will also find information concerning the new organisational structure of the Institute as a member of the Leibniz Association. Especially mentioned should be the article of Mr Huisken on the work of Hamilton and Perelman, a short version of the first Oberwolfach Lecture in October 2005.