Information for applicants and proposers

Mathematical research in Oberwolfach is organized in six central programs. For detailed information on each program please view the pages in our main section Scientific Program. Access to participation is regulated differently. The participants of Workshops and Mini-Workshops need to be personally invited by the Director of the Institute after recommendation by the organizers. The following programs are open for direct application.

  • Oberwolfach Seminars: The Seminars address Ph.D. students and postdocs. The aim is to introduce the participants to a particular hot development.
  • The Arbeitsgemeinschaft: The idea of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft is - similar to the Seminaire Bourbaki - to learn by giving a lecture about some new results which have been found recently by other researchers.
  • Oberwolfach Research Fellows (OWRF): This program brings together small groups (between two and four people) to carry out joint research. Usually the participants stay between two and four weeks.
  • Leibniz Fellowship (within OWRF): Junior researchers having received their doctoral degree within the last five years can apply with a research project for one or two stays at Oberwolfach of total duration between one and three months.

The organization of Workshops, Mini-Workshops and Oberwolfach Seminars are decided according to strictly scientific criteria upon proposals of interested organizers. Please inform yourself on how to

Check your eligibility for grants

Depending on the scientific program you are participating in, we are able to offer several grants covering travel expenses. Especially junior researchers should inform themselves about the possibilities. Participants who are interested in cooperation with other European research institutes and universities as well should inform themselves about the Simons Visiting Professors program.