Hygiene and infection prevention

Hygiene and infection prevention for our guests and staff are very important to us and a matter of course. On this page we would like to inform you on the most important measures at our institute. Our guests will find a more detailed leaflet in their rooms.

For institutional travel applications we provide a summary of the most important measures (in German) together with a statement of our Scientific Advisory Board.

Expertise of staff

The MFO housekeeping staff is very well schooled in hygiene requirements. Already in the past we have put great value on this issue and frequent hygiene trainings are an integral part of our work. Therefore, our staff is very well prepared even for the additional requirements in times of covid-19.


By regulation of the German authorities guests who have been in risk areas, high incidence areas or virus variant areas must carry proof that they have been tested for infection with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Due to recent intensifications of rules of the german government to higher risks of the new virus variants and in order to make a stay at the MFO as safe as possible we also ask all our guests from Germany and other areas that are not covered by the three categories above to make a rapid covid-19 antigen test (Antigen Schnelltest) and email the result to the MFO prior to the stay. The test should be performed no more than 48 hours before arrival at the MFO.

Cleaning, disinfection and ventilation

All rooms are regularly cleaned (and disinfected where necessary) and ventilated. Additional air purifier devices have been installed in the dining hall, the lecture halls and several other important parts of the building. Sufficient soap, paper towels and hand disinfectant are available in the toilets. Furthermore, hand disinfection dispensers are available both in the entrance area of the guest house and in the entrance area to the library.

Protection Masks

Masks are required in all public areas of the buildings, unless you are seated in a dedicated area with adequate distance. This applies in particular during coffee breaks, when walking around in the library and the guest house or when waiting for placement in the dining hall.

Meals and arrangements in the dining hall

Until further notice meals will not be offered on a self-service buffet. Upon arrival on Sunday evening packed meals (standard, vegetarian or vegan) will be available in the dining hall from 6:30 p.m.

Lunch and dinner will be served as plated portions. Breakfast will partially be served at the table. Additionals like fruit salad, eggs, muesli will be served from a buffet (no self-service).

We have set up the dining hall in order to take care for the necessary safety distance. At most three guests will sit together at one table and tables will be placed at a sufficient distance from each other. We urge all guests to take their designated places and not to rearrange the seating order so that our staff can serve the meals precisely to the correct recipients. The dining hall will be regularly cleaned. 

dining hall

Contact to staff members

In order to keep the safety distance suitable measures have also been taken in the reception/guest office. Please note, that all other parts of our administration may only be personally contacted after announcement via the reception/guest office.

Talks and Discussions

Due to the reduced number of participants an adequate safety distance can be well maintained in the lecture halls.

Lecture hall    

Furthermore, there are several areas throughout the library building and the guest house where small groups can meet and discuss while keeping an adequate distance.

discussion area 

Information for families/accompanying persons

Please note that our capacity for accompanying persons is very restricted at the moment and that the new hygiene measures do not allow to use the dining area as a lounge, unfortunately. Thus we recommend not to travel with an accompanying person to Oberwolfach.

Kindly note, that due to the current situation we are unable to accomodate families with children. Nevertheless, we can help to find a holiday home close to the institute for an accompanying person and the children. Unfortunately, until further notice it is also not possible to find a nanny. Therefore, our usual offers concerning children at the MFO are not valid until further notice and can only be requested again when the situation in Germany has normalized further. We kindly ask for your understanding.