Can I wash my clothes at the Institute?

Yes. You can use our laundry facilities on the first floor of the guest house. It is located in the right corridor towards the backside of the building, first room on your left.

I have valuables, can I lock them somewhere?

There are safes in the rooms. If your are living in the guest house please ask for your personal access code in the guest office. If you are living in one of the bungalows you may choose your own code. If there is no safe in your room, valuables may also be locked in the guest office safe.

Is there a shop nearby?

Supermarkets can be found in Oberwolfach-Kirche and Wolfach (5-8 km distance). A small selection of goods (soap, tooth paste, stationeries, shaving kit, hygiene and toilet articles, etc.) is available at the guest office. You will find a bakery if you go down the hill and turn left after you have passed the bridge.

Are there facilities for handicapped persons?

We have two rooms with easy access situated in the bungalows I and II. The library and conference building is equipped with a passenger elevator.

What do you offer for children and babies?

The Institute can provide baby seats for the tables and baby beds. If necessary, our staff can organize a local babysitter. There are toys in the gym in the conference and library building. A selection of children’s books can be found at the first floor in the guest house.

How can I post a letter?

Opposite the guest office in the guest house you will find a table with a mail slot that leads to our outgoing letter box. There, you can also find post cards, stamps and envelopes.

Where can I buy cigarettes?

There is a cigarette vending machine in the village of Oberwolfach-Walke next to the Hotel "Hirschen". (7 minutes walk). To use this machine you need an EC or credit card to confirm your age. Please note, that smoking is not allowed inside the Institute buildings.

  • 2018