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Sports, Music, Entertainment

What sports can I do at the Institute?

There is a gym in the basement of the conference and library building (use at your own risk). In the same room you can also find table tennis and tabletop soccer. Below the stairs in the library, there is a billiard table free to use. You can purchase table tennis balls at the guest office in the guest house. On the second floor of the guest house you will also find a half-men-size chess game.

I heard you have a Steinway grand piano at the Institute?

Yes. In the music room located in the basement of the conference and library building you can find the piano and other instruments (violin, viola, guitar, cello) to play. Sheet music and music stands are also available. New strings are available at the library office.

What else can I do in my free time?

You find a selection of fiction books on the first floor of the guest house. Board and card games and tourist information (museums, sightseeing in the area) can be found opposite the guest office in the guest house. We recommend a visit to the "MiMa" Museum for Minerals and Mathematics, that the Institute runs in Oberwolfach together with the village and the minerals association. See for details. Furthermore, you may want to go hiking or cycling on one of the various trails around Oberwolfach. The Institute offers two bikes for rent. Ask at the guest office for them.

Where can I go for hiking?

Usually on Wednesday afternoon there is an excursion in the Black Forest to a restaurant. We recommend sturdy shoes. For other excursions please consult the information desk in front of the guest office in the guest house. In the guest office there are some maps to borrow.

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