Meetings at the MFO in 2020 with external accommodation

(Date: March 27, 2020)

we are very sorry that several MFO activities in spring 2020 have to be cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemia. Some experts expect that this crisis will last until summer. With some optimism, we hope that the situation will have been changed in fall and winter of 2020.

In accordance with the organizers, some of our meetings (e.g. some mini-workshops and half-size workshops) have been shifted to fall/winter 2020. As most of the MFO room capacity is booked by the regular program already, several meetings will be externally accommodated (with full board) at Hotel Hirschen. This external accommodation of guest researchers is exceptional in 2020 and due to the singular character of the Covid-19 crisis.

Hotel Hirschen is in 10 minutes walking distance to the MFO and offers our participants of the selected meetings accommodation with full board, covered by the MFO.

Please note that invitation and registration is only possible via the standard online procedure of the MFO, not via Hotel Hirschen. As soon as you are registered at the MFO, we will care about your room reservation at Hotel Hirschen. Please do not individually contact the Hotel!

All scientific activities will take place at the MFO lecture rooms and the MFO's research infrastructure will be open for all invited participants as usual.