Oberwolfach Seminar: De Rham and Dolbeault cohomology for D-modules

May 25th - June 2nd, 2007
Yves André, Paris
Claude Sabbah, Palaiseau
Differential equations in the complex domain is a classical subject, if any. They have proved to be an essential tool in algebraic geometry, providing examples of algebraic vector bundles with flat connections. D-module theory is a convenient language to treat them from the point of view of algebraic geometry.
The following items will be treated: flat connections, D-modules, coherence, de Rham cohomology, solutions in the space of distributions, filtrations, characteristic varieties, specialization, Newton polygons, regularity and irregularity, direct images. The courses will start from fundamental results and lead to open questions in the domain. Examples in dimension one will be worked out.
Basic knowledge in algebraic geometry.
- Y. André, F. Baldassari, De Rham cohomology of differential modules on algebraic varieties, Progress in Mathematics, vol. 189, Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, 2001.
- Ph. Maisonobe, C. Sabbah (eds), Eléments de la théorie des systèmes différentiels, Les cours du CIMPA, Hermann, Paris, 1993.
- Ph. Maisonobe, L. Narvaez Macarro, Eléments de la théorie des systèmes différentiels géométriques, Séminaires et Congrès vol. 8, SMF, Paris, 2004.
Deadline for applications:
April 1, 2007

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