Mathematical Software

With the Institute provides a dedicated application server (with 32 CPU Cores, 128 BG RAM) for mathematical computations. While at the Institute guests may access feuerbach by choosing a "Compute Server" session on any of our computers or by "ssh -X" from their laptops. The below-mentioned software is currently installed. Please mail to, if you have further requirements or questions related to mathematical software at the Institute.


software version text mode graphical mode
Cinderella.2 2.9 - Cinderella2
GAP 4.7.9 gap -
GeoGebra - geogebra
Macaulay2 1.9.2 M2 -
Magma V2.22-4 magma -
Maple 2016.1 maple xmaple
Mathematica 11.0.1 math mathematica
Octave 4.0.0 octave-cli octave [--force-gui]
polymake 3.0
polymake -
R 3.2.3
R -
SAGE 7.3 sage -
Scilab 5.5.2 - scilab
Singular 4.0.3 Singular -
Surfer 1.5.0 -


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