Resources for guest researchers

This section is meant to support the scientist's stay at the Institute from the inception until the review of the results. Those who feel familiar with the Institute may prefer to directly

In order to get an overview of this year's complete scientific program please see the annual schedules.

Planning your travel with respect to the Corona virus outbreak

Corona Virus App on mobile phoneThis section provides important information for already invited participants with regard to the Corona virus outbreak. Please also inform yourself on the measures for hygiene and infection prevention at the MFO.

Apply for a stay

Hands writing on paperMathematical research in Oberwolfach is organized in six central programs. Access to participation is regulated differently. The following section provides information on how to apply for the research programs and for special grants related to them. Read more about how to apply for a stay.

Apply for a grant

paper plane made of a 50€ billDepending on the scientific program you are participating in, we are able to offer several grants covering travel expenses. Your eligibility for one of these grants is decided by the MFO, subject to a prior application. Please find details on each grant and information how you can apply in the overview of grants.

Prepare your stay

Person with checklistOnce you have been invited to Oberwolfach this section provides information of interest for you: Registration, visa application, travel information, practical hints, special requirements, child support etc. Read more about how to prepare your stay.

During your stay

View of bookshelfs in the MFO LibraryThe basis for the successful realisation of the research programs is an excellent infrastructure. This section provides information on the facilities you can use during your stay.

After your stay

Issue of Oberwolfach Reports in front of Boy SurfaceThe results of both meetings and long term stays are documented in different publications. Please inform yourself on how to contribute to publications and take advantage of them after your stay.

For Junior Researchers

young researchers sitting in a lecture hallThe Institute is very committed to the promotion of junior researchers. This section provides information on special programs and grants for junior researchers as well as additional services. Note that we also provide support for researchers traveling with children.

Statement for Respect and Collegiality

many hands solving a puzzle

It is one of our guiding principles to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for all. We are committed to fostering an atmosphere of respect, collegiality, and sensitivity - an atmosphere which supports the initiation and free development of new ideas in mathematical research. Please, help us in this effort and consider our statement for respect and collegiality


Person standing in front of a blackboard with letterd FAQ written on itDo you have any more questions? More answers can be found in the FAQ section.


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