Prepare your stay

Send back the registration form

Since the meeting capacity at Oberwolfach is strictly limited, we ask you to register to the workshop as soon as possible (either by email or by returning the registration form by mail). In any event this should be done not later than the deadline: about 9 months prior to a workshop and 3 months prior to a mini-workshop. Otherwise, the invitation cannot be held open and someone else will be invited. If you wish to come with accompanying persons, please let us know about this. We will inform you what accommodation we can provide.

It is expected that visitors come for the whole week to make full use of the capacity of the institute as required by our funding agencies. In particular, this concerns the institute’s planning of room reservations and purchase of food. If a shortening of your stay is unavoidable for an important reason, please let us know in advance.

Apply for a visa, if necessary

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need a special invitation letter for your visa application.

Inform us on special requirements

In case you have special needs e. g. are suffering from allergies etc. we kindly ask you to contact us as soon as possible, at least two weeks prior to your stay.

For special diets please look up the available options at the Institute and inform the Guest Office staff in advance. Kindly note, that it is not possible to offer special diets beyond the options mentioned. Please select the category that best suits your needs.

We offer a variety of rooms for special requirements, e. g. rooms suitable for allergy sufferers or a wheelchair-accessible room. We can also provide you an oversized blanket.

Contact us to arrange childcare and apply for support

Usually, we have a small number of rooms suitable for families, where we can provide a child's bed, for example. Furthermore, the Institute can help with finding and funding child support, if necessary. See the information leaflet for a description of our possibilities. Please fill in the application form and contact us in due time prior to your stay.

Further practical issues

Once you are invited to Oberwolfach, you may want to read the

Check if you can apply for a grant

Preparation of the meeting

Choose the meeting, that you participate in, to

In case of a Workshop, you may also want to send your research report and the abstract of your proposed talk to