Terms and Conditions of Library Use

1. Membership

The Oberwolfach Library provides reference and information services exclusively for the invited guests of the Institute. Researchers who are not invited to participate in one of the Institute’s Research Programs require permission from the Institute’s Director to use the library.

2. Opening Hours

The library can be used by the invited guests of the Institute 24 hours a day.

During the office hours (usually between 8.30 a.m. – 15.30 p.m., subject to change without notice) the library staff is available for questions about the use of the library and its facilities and services.

3. Charges and Fees

Use of the library and its facilities (including all electronic resources) is free of charge. Charges are made for making copies and for printing on one of the Institute’s printers.

4. Use of the Library and Library Material

The Oberwolfach Library is a reference library only. No works can be lent to individuals off site. There is no lending process.

Interlibrary loans are only possible in individually justified cases (e.g. sole procession).

Guests in our longterm programs (i.e. Research in Pairs or Oberwolfach Leibniz Fellows) only are allowed to take books or journals to their room.

Library material must be handled with care. Marks and annotations are strictly prohibited. Any damage should be reported immediately to the library staff. The Institute reserves the right to claim damages if necessary.

After use, the books shall be put back in their original places or shall be put in a place so designated.

The Library welcomes donated copies of books published by the Institute’s research guests and is grateful of acknowledgements annotated therein.

Acquisitions recommendations from users of the library for any material are especially welcome.

5. Copyright Law and License Terms

Works and data made available by the library via its portals and other services shall be protected by copyright and, as the case may be, by other property or personal rights. To the extent that the library specifies special terms and conditions of use, works and data shall not be used except within the scope described therein and specified by the user interfaces and/or other interfaces and portals.

Where the library does not specify any special terms and conditions of use, the user shall undertake to comply with the copyright laws and not to use the works and data provided as electronic version except for their own purpose, not to download them systematically and neither to pass them on to outside third parties nor to use them commercially.

6. Scanning and Printing

Multifunction printers and a book scanner are available at the library premises. The making and use of copies or scans of all kinds are subject to all legal and especially copyright laws, even if the library prepares them for the user.

7. Conduct in the Library

Users must conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere with the legitimate rights of others and the running of the library.

Users are obliged to follow these rules and the directions of library staff.

No animals except guide dogs may be brought into the library.

Smoking is prohibited in the library.