The “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deninger-Faltings” is a series of meetings in Oberwolfach with about 50 participants ("Arbeitsgemeinschaft" means "study group") taking place each year in spring and fall.

Please have a look at the list of all Arbeitsgemeinschaften in order to find the topic of the next Arbeitsgemeinschaft, including poster and planned program of talks.

The Arbeitsgemeinschaften mainly address to non-specialists who want to broaden their outlook on mathematics and to junior researchers who wish to enter a field for future research. Experts are also welcome. The idea is “learning by doing” – similar to the Seminaire Bourbaki. Participants have to volunteer for one of the lectures described in the program of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft. After the deadline for application the organizers choose the actual speakers to give them enough time to understand the subject and to prepare for their lectures.

Applications, including your full name and postal address, should be sent prior to the deadline to (cv and publication list are not obligatory, but welcome). You should also indicate which talk in the respective program you are willing to give (First choice: talk no. X, second choice: talk no. Y, third choice: talk no. Z). You will be informed shortly after the deadline if your participation is possible and whether you have been chosen to give one of the lectures.

The Institute offers accommodation free of charge to the participants. Travel expenses cannot be reimbursed, except for junior researchers who may be supported by a grant.

The topic of an Arbeitsgemeinschaft is chosen by democratic vote one year in advance. This is done during the running Arbeitsgemeinschaft, traditionally on Thursday evening. The MFO is grateful to Prof. Dr. Christopher Deninger (Münster) and Prof. Dr. Gerd Faltings (MPI Bonn) who lead the  schedule of Arbeitsgemeinschaften at Oberwolfach.