Every year in spring and in autumn, there is a weekly Arbeitsgemeinschaft (study group) in Oberwolfach with about 45 participants.

The idea of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft is - similar to the Seminaire Bourbaki - to learn by giving a lecture about some new results which have been found recently by other researchers working on some specific topic.

Participation is by application to the organisers. Please take a look at the next Arbeitsgemeinschaft for details.

Organisers and topic for the next Arbeitsgemeinschaft are proposed during the current Arbeitsgemeinschaft on Thursday evening. The MFO is grateful to Prof. Dr. Christopher Deninger (Münster) and Prof. Dr. Gerd Faltings (MPI Bonn) who lead the Arbeitsgemeinschaft.


List of all Arbeitsgemeinschaften.