Book display in honor of this year's Fields medalists

The MFO congratulates the winners of the Fields medal in 2022. In order to present their research areas the institute has prepared a special book display in the library building where our guests can browse through literature related to their work.

The book display comprises publications from the medalists and other authors in the field. It contains overviews and introductory works as well as in-depth monographs. Visitors of the institute can browse the literature on the upper floor of the library building next to the lounge opposite the entrance. Two "snapshots of modern mathematics from Oberwolfach" are also available online: One is dealing with self-avoiding walks on the hexagonal lattice and is written by Fields medalist Hugo Duminil-Copin. The other snapshot introduces the problem of sphere packings and refers to the groundbreaking proof of Maryna Viazovska.

Hugo Duminil-CopinJune Huh
James MaynardMaryna Viazovska

From left to right, from top to bottom: Hugo Duminil-Copin at the award ceremony for the Oberwolfach Prize 2013 taking place in June 2014 at the MFO. June Huh at the Oberwolfach Workshop "Combinatorics" in 2014. James Maynard at the Oberwolfach Workshop "Analytic Number Theory" in 2013. Maryna Viazovska at the Oberwolfach Workshop "Uniform Distribution Theory and Applications" in 2013.