Call for networking activities in 2025

MFO calls for proposals for Workshops with a distinguished networking character. This is a new category of Workshops within the MFO program whose aim is to enhance gender and diversity, and to strengthen the impact of minorities in mathematics.

Invited are proposals for such activities in the MFO Workshop program (which also includes half workshops) and in the Mini-Workshop program.

The proposals for such networking Workshops or networking Mini-Workshops should describe a specific research subject as usual - see our proposal guidelines for more details on this aspect - while also providing a detailed concept for the proposed networking and possible mentoring activities. In particular, please specify in which way you would like to give preference to the selection of speakers and/or participants in terms of gender and diversity and indicate a preliminary list of proposed participants.

The deadlines and submitting procedures are the same as for the traditional Workshops and Mini-Workshops (see proposal guidelines). The Scientific Committee will discuss and decide on this new category of networking activities based on scientific quality and the networking concept at the same time but separately from the traditional formats.

Further measures to promote equality and diversity at the Institute can be found in our EDI policy.