Happy Birthday, Snapshots!

Ten years ago the MFO published the first “Snapshot of modern mathematics from Oberwolfach”. Since then, almost 130 articles from various fields of mathematics have been added and more are to follow. We would like to thank all authors and editors who contributed to the series and helped to make mathematical research more accessible to an interested public!

poster-snapshots-2015.jpgSnapshots of modern mathematics from Oberwolfach explain mathematical problems and ideas of present relevance in an accessible and understandable way. They provide exciting insights into current topics of the mathematical community for everyone who is interested in modern mathematics, although varying in difficulty.

The snapshots are written by participants of the scientific program at the MFO, who volunteer to explain an important aspect of their research. A team of editors selects the manuscripts that are most suitable for a broad readership and assists the authors in communicating complicated matters to a broad audience. The MFO publishes the snapshots for free download under a Creative Commons license on its own publication server and on the IMAGINARY platform.

The snapshots project was initiated in 2013 as part of the MFO's outreach project IMAGINARY. IMAGINARY became an independent company for mathematics communication in 2016 and the snapshots project was continued by the MFO in collaboration with the platform. Carla Cederbaum (Tübingen University) coordinated the project as senior-editor from its very beginning in 2013 until 2019, succeeded by Sophia Jahns (Tübingen University). Today Anja Randecker (Heidelberg University) is responsible for the editing process of the snapshots. More information on the project and the editorial board can be found on our snapshots page.

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All published snapshots of modern mathematics of the past ten years are available via our publication server: