Measures concerning Coronavirus/Covid-19 (updated on 25 June 2020*)

The MFO is keeping a close eye on current developments and follows the instructions of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, the Federal Ministry of Health, the Robert Koch Institut (RKI) and the World Health Organization. New guidelines and recommendations may very quickly result in the adjustment of our measures. Please inform yourself regularly on our website.

*Update of 25 June 2020: Re-opening of travel restrictions at universities.


New hygiene measures

The MFO has developed new hygiene measures for hand desinfection, accommodation, lecture halls and individual meal services to make such an activity as safe as possible. In particular, 20 participants can be seated in the large lecture hall with a safety distance of 1.5 meters and all meals will be served individually.

Hybrid (mixed personal/online) workshops at Oberwolfach

In agreement with the workshop organizers, the MFO can realize workshops in a hybrid format now:

In accordance with the gradual opening of restrictions in Germany due to the corona crisis, the MFO does fulfill all requirements for hosting groups with up to 20 participants. We estimate that this number is sufficient to cover all invited participants who will be able to personally attend a workshop in Oberwolfach at the moment (in particular, participants coming from many German and European universities and institutes).

For the participants who cannot come in person, the MFO will provide modern video conferencing tools such as Zoom such that they can actively attend the lectures in the large lecture hall as well as discussion sessions that the organizers and other participants initiate.

We hope that the situation will stabilize further such that the possible number of guest researchers will increase in future. The concept of hybrid workshops is flexible enough such that we can quickly react to changes in the restricions defined by the governments.

Oberwolfach Research Fellows

In order to react to the current crisis the MFO offers in the period from July 1st to December 18, 2020, the possibility to apply for an Oberwolfach Research Fellowship. Single researchers or groups up to four people can apply for a stay between two weeks and three months. Junior researchers and post-docs can apply for full scholarships and travel support. Read more...

Postponed activities

Due to the dynamic development and change in travel restrictions several meetings until mid of June had regretfully to be cancelled. Some of them could be shifted to fall or winter 2020, the other meetings had to be postponed to 2022 in accordance with the organizers. The program for 2022 will be fixed until the end of 2020 and then we can inform the invitees about the new date.

We are very pleased that the two postponed workshops

have organized an Oberwolfach Online Seminar for the invited participants.

For workshops in the second half of the year 2020, we offer the new possibility of hybrid workshops (see above). If a workshop should nevertheless be cancelled in a common decision by the organizers and the MFO, it has to re-apply for the workshop program 2022 or 2023 because of our restricted capacity, unfortunately.

General advise and travel restrictions

With our new hygiene measures for hand desinfection, accommodation, lecture halls and individual meal services, a research stay at Oberwolfach should be as safe as possible.

Of course, we ask all our guests to make a responsible decision about their visit at the MFO and, if necessary (e.g. due to respiratory symptoms and/or recent contacts with an infected person or stays in risk areas) cancel their participation.

The MFO may be forced to withdraw invitations to participants coming from areas that are deemed to be high risk by government institutions. We will inform the concerned participants individually, as soon as possible. Please be aware, that the definition of high risk areas may be changed very quickly. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Now, travelling in Europe is possible again and we hope that restrictions in further countries will change soon. Note that many universities (not only in Germany) cancel or re-open their institutional travel restrictions and enable conference visits again, just now. In many cases, these announcements are not so easy to find on the corresponding universities websites.

Please note that the MFO cannot foresee possible changes in future contact and travel restrictions by the government. Participants themselves are responsible to inquire about restrictions on travel to and from Germany; thus we strongly recommend to make travel arrangements flexible/refundable in case the Corona crisis continues or resurfaces in the future. We are sorry that we are not able to reimburse travel tickets which cannot be used because of force majeure. This also applies to grants. We would also like to inform you that currently many airlines and also the Deutsche Bahn offer free cancellation or rebooking of tickets (see the current list).