"Research in Pairs" becomes "Oberwolfach Research Fellows"

The new program provides more flexibility to senior and junior researchers.

In 2020 the MFO started to offer the possibility to apply for an Oberwolfach Research Fellowship (OWRF) within the existing programs "Research in Pairs" and "Oberwolfach Leibniz Fellows". Facing the challenges of the corona crisis for the scientific world, this offer was meant to provide a perspective for scientists, in particular for junior scientists. With its enhanced flexibility the program proved to be a great success and we received many applications. In 2021 it was therefore decided that OWRF should become the new umbrella format for longer term research stays in Oberwolfach. Thus, the former "Research in Pairs" program evolves to the new "Oberwolfach Research Fellowship", including the possibility for junior researchers to apply for an "Oberwolfach Leibniz Fellowship". Please find all the information on the program and how to apply on our website for longer term research stays.