Notification on workshop format, capacity and departure day

Important information for visitors: MFO goes back to the traditional workshop format again with participants attending in person. In connection with a general restriction of our capacity due to staff shortage, workshops will end on Friday afternoon, hence Friday is also the general departure day (change will be effective after March 4th, 2023).

Traditional format and hybrid format

Travel and meeting restrictions with regard to the pandemic have been reduced during 2022 such that the MFO can go back from hybrid workshops to the traditional workshop format again, where participants attend in person. The newly installed audio- and video equipment at the MFO can be used in future to invite a very small number (2-5) of additional experts who for strong personal reasons (such as government travel restrictions, pregnancy or care responsibilities) cannot attend the meeting in person but would participate online. The selection of these online participants can be made by the meeting organizers up to a few weeks prior to a workshop according to the replies to the initial invitations.

While such additional online participation is easy to realize with our new video conference system, we do not intend to change the character of the workshop program and will restrict video recording and streaming of talks and lectures to these special participants. In case of force majeure (e.g. a resurgent pandemic wave) the MFO is prepared to enhance the online component of a workshop on short notice and turn it into a hybrid workshop.

General advice on travel arrangements

Please note that the MFO cannot foresee possible changes in future contact and travel restrictions by the government. Participants themselves are responsible to inquire about restrictions on travel to and from Germany; thus we strongly recommend to make travel arrangements flexible/refundable in case the pandemic resurfaces in the future. We are sorry that we are not able to reimburse travel tickets which cannot be used because of force majeure. This also applies to grants.

For more information on our hybrid workshops, please consult our website:

Capacity, arrival and Friday as new departure day

Unfortunately, there is a restriction of Oberwolfach visitor capacities due to a severe shortage of staff at the MFO in 2022. Vacancies after departures, retirements or parental leave could not be replaced by new staff in an environment of general labor shortage following the corona pandemic. In combination with hygiene measures still necessary this is overstretching our capacities.

As a consequence, instead of typically 53 visitors in a full workshop we will for the foreseeable future now only be able to accommodate 48 visitors. A similar reduction of about 10% also applies to our other scientific programs. We hope that we will be able to hire more staff eventually and return the institute to full capacity in the future.

Arrival day: As usual, Sunday afternoon is the official arrival time and the MFO opens at 4:30 pm. The institute offers free taxi transfer from the train station in Hausach to the Institute on Sunday evening at fixed times.


Departure day (changes will be effective after March 4th, 2023): In connection with the general restriction of our capacity, all workshops will end on Friday afternoon. Lectures can be held on Friday morning (9 am - 12:30 am) and optionally after lunch (1:30 pm - 4:00 pm). Friday is also the general departure day, i.e. afternoon or evening. Starting in summer 2023, accommodation at the MFO until Saturday will generally not be possible, unfortunately.

If travel connections demand a departure on a saturday, the MFO will make a strong effort to find accommodation at a nearby hotel or at the airport (in particular in cases where travel arrangements have already been made). In this case we need to be informed in due time (as soon as possible, at least one month prior to the workshop).

Check out time of the rooms is Friday 9:30 am and there will be lunch at 12:30 pm, but in general no dinner on Friday. We will organize a number of free taxi transfers from the MFO to the train station in Hausach on Friday afternoon or evening.

We hope for your understanding for these new measures.