FAQ Library Search

What is Library Search?

Library Search is a tool for searching and accessing many different library resources, both print and online, from a single search box.

What does it search?

From a technical view, Library Search provides a centralized index for most of our library resources.

It can be searched to find a wide variety of content:

    • Print books available in the Oberwolfach Library
    • eBooks
    • Book Chapters
    • Theses
    • Print Journals available in the Oberwolfach Library
    • eJournals
    • Journal Articles
    • Conference Proceedings and Reports
    • Reviews from MathSciNet

    Search results are initially limited to content available to our Research Guests (i.e. that the Oberwolfach Library has purchased, subscribes to, or is free)

    Expand your search to find content more widely by deselecting ‘Available at Oberwolfach’, that appears under ‘Limiters’ on the left hand side of the screen when viewing results.

    By default, search results are ranked by relevancy, but you may also sort by date. Results can be narrowed using the limiters on the left side of the results page.

    What content does Library Search index?

    Library Search includes content from as many sources of information as possible, including:

    • JSTOR
    • arXiv
    • MathSciNet
    • SpringerLink
    • AMS Books and Journals
    • Cambridge University Press Books and Journals
    • Oxford University Press Journals
    • Project Euclid
    • Mathematical Sciences Publishers
    • International Press
    • ScienceDirect
    • and more