If you have any questions about the library please write to or contact one of the librarians:

Verena Franke:
fon: +49 7834 979-36

Jennifer Hinneburg:
fon: +49 7834 979-37


Use of the Library

General information

The library of the MFO primarily provides service to the invited guests of the Institute. It supplies printed
and electronic media in all fields of pure and applied mathematics. The collection currently contains around 64,000 volumes of printed books, 22,000 e-books, 31,000 volumes of printed journals, more than 800 current subscriptions to journals (printed and/or electronically) as well as about 7,000 additional licensed electronic journals (including German National Licences).

Membership and Borrowing

The library is open for all invited guests of the Institute and can be used by our research guests 24 hours a day. There is no lending system, interlibrary loan is only possible in justified individual cases (e.g. in the case of exclusive possession). Other people wishing to use the library require permission from the Institute’s director.

Being a reference library, no works can be lent to individuals off site. Research in Pairs guests and Oberwolfach Leibniz Fellows only are allowed to take books or journals to their room. If you take books or journals to your room, we kindly ask you to fill in one of the substitutes and put it in the created gap. After having put back the book please fill in the date of return and remove the substitute.

Search the Library

Library Search Portal
Since July 2013 the library offers its users a more comprehensive research tool aside from the classic online library catalogue. The Library Search Portal is based upon the discovery system EDS of the company EBSCO. At the base of this discovery system lies an extensive search index, that makes it possible to search in all available print and electronic resources at the same time, not just in the bibliographic data but also in the electronic full-text of individual articles and book chapters. The direct access to the full-text is routed through a special link resolver.

Classic Library Catalogue
The entire library collection present at the MFO is recorded in the Classic Library Catalogue. It contains bibliographic data to all available print and electronic books and journals. It informs the user where a certain item is or whether it is, for example, currently not available and furthermore contains information about which volumes of a journal are available or respectively accessible online. However, no individual journal articles or book chapters are catalogued. The currently used software is the open source system Koha.

Acquisitions recommendations from users of the library for any material are especially welcome.

Shelving of Books and Journals

The books and journals in the Oberwolfach Library are generally shelved alphabetically by author/editor or title. Conference proceedings are organised chronologically by year and alphabetially by conference venue of the corresponding conference. As classification system we use the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC).

General terms of use for electronic resources

Before using any data, the conditions for the use of electronic material, e.g. eBooks or eJournals, established by the publishing company or providor, must be read and observed. Access to the full texts is only permitted to the invited guests of the Institute during their stay at Oberwolfach. The full texts of the articles are to be printed off or electronically saved only for personal usage and for the purpose of teaching and research. The systematic downloading of articles or search results, especially by “robots”, is forbidden. It is not allowed to pass the articles on to third parties, neither electronically nor in any printed version.


Use of the library and its facilitates (including all electronic resources) is free of charge. Charges are made  for making copies and for printing on one of the Institute’s printers (0,05 € per page).


The library offers the possibility for users to make copies of permissible items. The making and use of copies of all kinds are subject to all legal and especially copyright laws, even if the library prepares them for the user.

Conduct in the library

Users should handle all media and library facilities carefully. They are not allowed to make handwritten notes, underline, trace or make other changes to the media.
We kindly ask you to put the books back in their original places. If you are not sure where to put a book
please leave it on one of the working places.
Please note that the whole library is a non-smoking area.

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