Online Offerings

In order to react to the current crisis the MFO has developed new online offerings. The offerings comprise the temporarily introduced Oberwolfach Online Seminars, the publishing of recordings of the traditional Oberwolfach Lectures and some video lecture series for students.

Oberwolfach Online Seminars

Due to the corona crisis several meetings of 2020 have regretfully been postponed to 2022 in accordance with the organizers. In order to maintain scientific links and communication in the communities of the workshops, the MFO has offered the possibility to realize Oberwolfach Online Seminars as a substitute.

The format is by decision of the organizers. This can range from links to recorded talks, slides or other material up to an interactive real-time virtual meeting. While a central website for the seminar and related material or interactive features should be provided by the organizers and/or participants at their home institutions, the MFO is pleased to support any such activity of the organizers by contacting and informing all invitees. Based on the feedback of the invitees, the organizers can set up a "virtual workshop program". Then the MFO publishes general contact and access information for the Oberwolfach Online Seminar on the website of the workshop.

The collected extended abstracts or blogs from contributors to the event can be published in an "Oberwolfach Report" of the event afterwards, similar to a usual workshop report.

We are very pleased that the organizers of the following workshops have set up an Oberwolfach Online Seminar:

Oberwolfach Lectures

The Oberwolfach Lectures take place each year in October during the annual meeting of the Gesellschaft für Mathematische Forschung e.V. (GMF). Held by an outstanding researcher, they are always a highlight of the year at the MFO. Several lectures have been recorded on video and the MFO would like to share this special archive with the scientific community. We thank all speakers for giving a lecture in the past years and for entitling us to publish the video recording.

Please view the chronological list of the Oberwolfach Lectures to find the videos. For many lectures also written versions are available in the annual reports of the MFO. You will find the links in the chronological list of the lectures, as well.

person watching a lecture video recording