The Institute

The Institute is a

member of Leibniz-GemeinschaftERCOM


Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (wissenschaftlicher Beirat), an organ of the MFO, evaluates the scientific work of the MFO and gives advice to the MFO and the Administrative Council.

Members 2015

Prof. Dr. Maria Chudnovsky, Princeton, USA

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lück, Hausdorff Institute for Mathematics and Institute of Mathematics, University of Bonn, Germany (Chair)

Prof. Dr. Barbara Niethammer, Institute of Applied Mathematics, University of Bonn, Germany

Prof. Dr. Ragni Piene, Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo, 

Prof. Dr. Alfio Quarteroni, Mathematics Institute of Computational 
Science and Engineering, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tillmann, Mathematical Institute, Oxford University,
Great Britain (Vice Chair)