Cooperations with other institutions

In order to support a vibrant and diverse environment the MFO cooperates with a number of other institutions.

Bildung und Begabung (Center for promotion of giftedness in Germany)

Each year the MFO hosts the final training week for especially gifted German pupils to prepare for the International Mathematical Olympiad, in cooperation with the project "Bundesweite Mathe­matik­wettbewerbe" (nationwide mathematics competitions). The candidates for the Olympiad are selected in a competitive procedure. At the end of the week the German team is presented in Oberwolfach.

Centre International de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (CIMPA)

CIMPA is a nonprofit organization located in Nice, France, that promotes research in Mathematics in developing countries. It is a UNESCO Category 2 centre and is part of the Laboratoire d'Excellence CARMIN (Centres d'Accueil et de Rencontres Mathématiques Internationales). CIMPA co-organises and sponsors numerous activities in developing countries, in all continents. The MFO engages as the German partner center for the CIMPA-ICTP Fellowship program "Research in Pairs". The pogram launched by CIMPA and ICTP makes it possible for researchers in mathematics based in a developing country to come to Europe to collaborate with a colleague. The laureate and his/her colleague may propose to carry out part of their collaboration during a week at one of the partner centers located in the host’s country.

Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV)

The DMV is the main professional society of German mathematicians. It promotes research, education and application of mathematics as well as national and international exchange of experiences. Each year the DMV organizes a conference in which graduates from German-speaking countries present their master thesis. A jury evaluates the best presentations and one of the award-winning graduates is invited to participate in an Oberwolfach Workshop.


European Mathematical Society (EMS)

The MFO is a member of the European Mathematical Society which promotes the development of all aspects of mathematics in Europe, in particular mathematical research, relations of mathematics to society, relations to European institutions, and mathematical education. The MFO is also a member of ERCOM, an EMS committee consisting of Scientific Directors of European Research Centres in the Mathematical Sciences. A recently established entity of the EMS is the EMS Young Academy (EMYA) that provides early career mathematicians with the opportunity to engage in the organisation of the EMS, network on a European level and establish new activities for mathematicians in Europe.

Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF)

The HLF is a networking event for mathematicians and computer scientists from all over the world, initiated by the German foundation Klaus Tschira Stiftung. The winners of the most prestigious awards in Mathematics and Computer Science, the Abel Prize, the Fields Medal (including the Nevanlinna Prize for contributions in “Mathematical Aspects of Information Science”), and the ACM Turing Award meet the best of the young researchers from around the world for a full week. Depending on capacity the MFO invites each year five junior researchers visiting the HLF to participate in the Oberwolfach Workshop which takes place right before or after the Forum. The places are awarded in a competitive procedure.


The former project of the MFO "IMAGINARY" is now an inde­pen­dent non-profit organization and still an important partner of the Institute in the field of out­reach activities. IMAGINARY promotes mathematics in many countries around the world and cooperates with many institutions. For example, there have been projects together with the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (South Africa), the Mathematical Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan), the National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (South Corea), the University of Monte­video (Uruguay), and the Weizmann Institute (Israel).

International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)

The ICTP is an international research institute for physical and mathematical sciences that operates under a tripartite agreement between the Italian Government, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Its aim is to advance scientific expertise in the developing world by providing scientists with continuing education and skills. The MFO cooperates with the math section of the ICTP in order to advertise for the scientific programs of Oberwolfach among outstanding junior researchers from the developing world. Furthermore, the MFO is the German partner center for the CIMPA-ICTP Fellowship program "Research in Pairs" (see above).