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General Information

During their stay at Oberwolfach the invited guests of the Institute have access to the full text of electronic journals marked with a yellow or yellow/red dot. The library's electronic journals consist mainly of parallel electronic editions which are either free of charge or accessible via special licences. For suggestions regarding new titles please contact Most of the library's electronic journals provide an authentication route that enables access through recognition of a workstation's IP address.

Electronic Journals with German National Licence

The German special collection licenses are directed towards all German higher education institutions and all German research institutions financed with public funds. They are available to all members of universities and research institutions located in Germany and are accessible free-of-charge from the campus networks and the catalogues of German state and university libraries. If you are not a member of an authorised university or research institution, you may still register for free individual use of many databases and text collections at

General terms of use for electronic journals in full text version

Before using any data, the conditions for the use of electronic journals established by the publishing company or offerer, must be read and observed. Access to the full texts is only permitted to the invited guests of the Institute during their stay at Oberwolfach. The full texts of the articles are to be printed off or electronically saved only for personal usage and for the purpose of teaching and research. The systematical downloading of articles or searching results, especially by "robots", is forbidden. It is not allowed to pass the articles on to third parties, neither electronically nor in any printed version.

Please respect the publisher's terms of use!

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