Remote Access to E-Resources


How do I access E-Resources from off-campus?

To access our library-licensed resources from off-campus it is necessary to begin from our Library Search Portal or our Library Homepage and use the given access links to the respective resource. If you begin at a search engine like Google, you will not be prompted to log in, so your access as MFO user will not be recognized.

If you are outside the MFO network, the authentication form is automatically displayed after selecting the access link.

Institutional access via Shibboleth is no longer possible.

Where do I find my MFO library login details?

Your library password information has been sent to you by email about 2 weeks before the start of your stay.

Who is entitled?

Remote or off-campus access to library-licensed databases, e-journals or e-books is provided for members of the MFO only (staff and board members, and authorized participants of the Oberwolfach Research Programs).

Remote access to licensed content, if permitted and activated by the publishers/providers, is limited to the duration of participation in one of the Oberwolfach Research Programs plus one week prior to the start date and two weeks after the end of a workshop or long-term stay.

General Terms of Use

Before using any data, the conditions for the use of electronic journals or books established by the publishing company or offerer, must be read and observed. Access to the full texts is only permitted to the invited guests of the Institute during their stay at Oberwolfach. The full texts of the articles are to be printed off or electronically saved only for personal usage and for the purpose of teaching and research. It is not allowed to pass the articles on to third parties, neither electronically nor in any printed version.

The systematic downloading of articles or search results, especially by robots, is prohibited. Similarly, as a rule, only insignificant parts of a licensed work may be downloaded. Failure to observe this rule may result in the publisher's server being blocked for both on-site and remote users.
Please respect the publisher's terms of use!