Oberwolfach Seminars

In order to make the Oberwolfach Seminars available to an even larger audience, the MFO supports the publication within the book series Oberwolfach Seminars, published in the Birkhäuser program of Springer Basel. We should like to express our sincere thanks for the combined efforts of the organisers to publish these Lecture notes. The organizers as well as the participants receive free copies of the respective volume. Moreover, a copy of every volume will be exhibited in the library of the MFO.

Published Volumes

  • Oberwolfach Seminars vol. 49
    Wave Phenomena
    Döfler, Willy; Hochbruck, Marlis; Köhler, Jonas; Rieder, Andreas; Schnaubelt, Roland; Wieners, Christian (2023)
  • Oberwolfach Seminars vol. 44
    Positional Games
    Hefetz, Dan; Krivelevich, Michael; Stojaković, Miloš; Szabó, Tibor (2014)
  • DMV Seminar vol. 7
    Seminar on Geometric Measure Theory

    Hardt, Robert; Simon, Leon (1986)
    (out of print)
  • DMV Seminar vol. 6
    Groups and graphs : new results and methods

    Delgado, Alberto; Goldschmidt, David M.; Stellmacher, Bernd (1985)
    (out of print)
  • DMV Seminar vol. 1
    Algebraic theory of quadratic forms : generic methods and Pfister forms

    Knebusch, Manfred; Scharlau, Winfried (1980)
    (out of print)