Newsletter 2024-I

The newsletter will inform you on the latest news and activities of the MFO, in particular with regard to open calls and upcoming scientific events at the Institute.

Happy Birthday, Snapshots!

Ten years ago the MFO published the first “Snapshot of modern mathematics from Oberwolfach”. Since then, almost 130 articles from various fields of mathematics have been added and more are to follow. We would like to thank all authors and editors who contributed to the series and helped to make mathematical research more accessible to an interested public!

Seminars for early career mathematicians in 2024

Ph.D. students and postdocs are invited to apply for the "Oberwolfach Seminars" in 2024. The seminars are organized by leading experts in the field, and address to promising early career researchers from all over the world. The aim is to introduce the participants to a particular interesting development.