Shibboleth: Login Help

How do I log in?

Authentication requires a login with your MFO login details. A big advantage is that the login page is always the same, no matter which service or platform you want to log in to.

Once you have also logged in during a browser session, you no longer need to log in to the following services (single sign-on).

Where do I log in?

You will need to identify yourself as a MFO user on a providers site:

  1. LOGIN: On the providers site, go to where it says 'Login' or 'Sign on'.  This is usually at the top of the page.

  2. Institutional Login: Look for where it says 'institutional login' or 'sign on via your institution'.

  3. Shibboleth: If prompted, select 'Shibboleth', 'German Higher Education (DFN-AAI)' or 'Germany/German federation'.

  4. Select, or search for 'Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut' or 'Oberwolfach'

  5. You should then be given the option to sign on with your MFO Login.


Screenshot_2021-03-18 Login 2.gifScreenshot_2021-03-18 Identity Provider Selection.png

[Source: Cambridge Core Login]