Oberwolfach Leibniz Archive for Mathematics (OLAM)

The Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO) together with the Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) ‒ German National Library of Science and Technology runs a closed digital archive called Oberwolfach Leibniz Archive for Mathematics (OLAM) (a “dark” archive where the content will be available to the scientific community only in case of specified trigger events) for the long-term preservation of mathematical e-journals to ensure that scholarly content will always remain available to the scientific community independently of the publisher. With OLAM we would like to ensure the long-term availability especially of that content which is not yet preserved in one of the big global archives as PORTICO or CLOCKSS. It is meant as a service to the Mathematical Community as well as to participating publishers and mathematical institutes or societies worldwide.

Which Content will be Preserved?

The periodicals to be archived should meet the following criteria:

  • e-journals/serials with at least 1 issue per year
  • peer reviewed
  • indexed in zbMATH and/or MathSciNet
  • non-profit
  • in case of Open Access Publishing the journal should be listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  • not already archived with other preservation services, i.e. PORTICO or CLOCKSS


The archived content can be accessed only when a so-called “trigger event” according to the definition of the CLOCKSS archive has occurred. Triggered content will be made available to the general public under the terms of a creative commons license.

What is a Trigger Event?

According to the definition of CLOCKSS, Trigger Events include, but are not limited to, situations of non-availability of Archived Content in which:

Publisher No Longer in Business

The publisher is no longer in business or is no longer in the business of publishing content or providing access to previously published content and there are no successor interests or reversions or transfers of rights;

Title No Longer Offered

The publisher has stopped publishing and is no longer providing access to the content and there are no successor interests or reversion or transfer of rights;

Back Issues No Longer Available

The publisher has stopped offering or providing access to some or all of the back issues of the content and there are no successor interests or reversion or transfer of rights;

Catastrophic Failure

While still publishing content, the publisher is not able to provide access to the content electronically due to technical or similar catastrophic and permanent failure.

Participating Publishers

The publishers International Press and IMPAN (Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences) have already been acquired as project partners.

Agreement on Digital Preservation

If publishers decide to participate we will conclude an “Agreement on Digital Preservation of E-Journals” where all aspects of the collaboration between the publisher and MFO will be specified.


Participation in the archive is free of charge. We ask the publisher to provide all content and metadata to the archive free of charge, too.