Snapshots of Modern Mathematics

Snapshots of modern mathematics from Oberwolfach, ISSN 2626-1995, explain mathematical problems and ideas in an accessible and understandable way. They provide exciting insights into current topics of the mathematical community for everyone who is interested in modern mathematics.

The snapshots are written by participants of the scientific program at the MFO, who volunteer to explain an important aspect of their research. A team of editors assists them in communicating complicated matters to a broad audience. The MFO publishes the snapshots for free download under a Creative Commons license here and on the IMAGINARY platform.

The Snapshot project is designed to promote the understanding and appreciation of modern mathematics and mathematical research in the interested public world-wide. The targeted readership consists of mathematics teachers, science journalists, undergraduate and advanced high school students. If you are interested in writing a snapshot, please contact the organizers of the program in which you are participating.

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Petra Lein

Editorial board

Senior Editor:

JProf. Dr. Carla Cederbaum

Junior Editors:

Dr. David Edward Bruschi
Prof. Dr. Andrew Cooper
Dr. Moritz Firsching
Sophia Jahns
Martin Kalck
Daniel Kronberg
Dr. Sara Munday
Johannes Niediek
Dr. Anja Randecker
Lara Skuppin
Sabiha Tokus

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