US Junior Oberwolfach Fellows (NSF Grant)

NSF Award DMS-2230648

We are pleased that the National Science Foundation awarded a grant (DMS-2230648) to the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach for support of the project "US Junior Oberwolfach Fellows" (this is a 5 years renewal of NSF Awards 0125083,  0422760, 540019, 1049268 and 1641185).

This grant enables the MFO to support the participation of outstanding junior scientists from US universities/institutes in all weekly activities at Oberwolfach. This concerns applications of postdocs, tenure track holders or graduate students to Oberwolfach Workshops, half-size Workshops, Mini-Workshops, Arbeitsgemeinschaften and Seminars.

The award DMS-2230648 is effective April 15, 2023 and expires March 31, 2028. Travel expenses (in accordance with the Fly America Act and Open Skies Agreement) for these US Junior Oberwolfach Fellows can be covered up to 1000 US-Dollar (about 900 Euro - depending on the dollar rate). Part of the internal costs for accommodation and meals at Oberwolfach will be covered by the NSF as well.

The participants have to hold some job or position at a US university or institute (every nationality can apply), have to come from the USA to Oberwolfach and the Ph.D./Dr. degree has to be received not more than 10 years ago. Moreover, one person can receive the grant not more than two times.

Interested persons matching these conditions may apply by sending an email with information about

  • full name and address of university or institution,
  • age, gender and nationality,
  • year of Master/Diploma degree and year of Ph.D./Dr. degree,
  • current position and
  • short description of their research activity

to the Director of the Institute.


As the Institute wishes to increase the number of female participants, applications from female researchers are very welcome.

The final decision about participation will be made by the director after advice by the organizers. We should like to emphasize that the number of eligible participants is limited.