* Starred paragraphs contain information that currently may only apply to a limited extent due to the current special situation and the changing guidelines by the German authorities. Please inquire individually at our administration.

Outdoor activities

Forest behind the Institute

Hiking and running

Hikers will find lots of hills and might want to bring suitable footwear with them. Maps can be borrowed at the reception. Prof. Dr. Ralf Hiptmair provided us with a collection of running routes.


For longer trips, we have a few bikes and helmets to lend. The bikes can be found in the bike shed behind the building, at the parking lot. Helmets and locks can be borrowed at the guest services office.

* Soccer

Thanks to an agreement with the local municipality our guests are allowed to play soccer on the sports ground in the village of Oberwolfach after an advance reservation. If you would like to play soccer with a some colleagues please contact us beforehand.

Interesting sites in and around Oberwolfach

We provide information on museums and other interesting sites in and around Oberwolfach at the information desk opposite the reception in the guest house. We recommend a visit to the MiMa museum on Minerals and Mathematics, that the Institute runs in Oberwolfach together with the village and the minerals association. See for details.

For families

At the reception we have prepared a special collection with attractions for families. In order to reach them we recommend to rent a car, in particular if you stay over the weekend. Our staff can help you to arrange this. A children's playground is also nearby. Please inform yourself at the reception.

Indoor activities

Fitness room

* Fitness

At the basement of the library building there is a fitness room with several exercise machines and pieces of sports equipment, table tennis and tabletop soccer (please enter only with sports shoes resistant to abrasion).

Please note that currently only one person may use the fitness room at a time.

* Music

At the basement of the library building we provide music room with several instruments, among them a piano, a guitar, a cello and a violin.

Please note that currently only one person may use the music room at a time and the string instruments have been removed, because they may be damaged through regular disinfection.


You find a selection of fiction books on the first floor of the guest house. A selection of children's books is also available.

* Games and toys

There is a lounge area with a billiard table at the basement of the libary. A half-men-size chess game is located on the second floor of the guest house. Board and card games can be found opposite the reception in the guest house.

Researchers who bring their children with them can borrow a variety of toys for different ages. Please ask at the reception for them.