Technical Equipment

see also the mathematical software page

Projection Devices

The presentation of transparencies, computer data and video (BluRay and DVD) is supported.

The data and video projectors can be connected to all common types of laptops including Macintosh. Their native resolution is 1024x768 and 1920x1080, resp., while other resolutions are interpolated.

A laptop is available opon request. Hence it suffices to bring the files to be presented on a USB flash drive, a CD, or even to download them from the Internet.

If you are planning to do something special, please contact the IT group some time in advance.


We supply twisted pair cable to connect your laptop to our local aera network. Choose "dhcp client" for the network configuration of your machine in order to have it configured automatically.

In parts of the library building as well as in the dining hall / cafeteria you can use Wireless LAN (802.11g/b protocol), too. Additionally, Wireless LAN is available from 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. in the rooms and the bungalows.

Hardware and Operating Systems

There are thin clients offering Linux sessions (Ubuntu 12.04) and Windows Server 2003 session. Internet connection is understood. The thin clients are ready for connecting USB flash drives.

Printing and scanning facilities are available. Coloured printouts and printouts on transparencies can be done by the staff upon request.



Software for the most common tasks is understood: e-mail client, web browser, ssh, tex, office suite, and some more.


Guests of the Institute may use a dedicated application server for mathematical software. See the mathematical software page for the programs currently installed and information on how to access them.

If your research at the Institute involves computers in an essential way, please contact the IT group some time prior to your stay.

Communication Facilities

We have five telephone booths which you will find on each floor of the guest house and the library building. Apart from normal telephones these booths are equipped with ethernet connections which offer the possibility to use your laptop and a headset to communicate using VoIP protocols like Skype or SIP.