Technical Equipment

Video Conferencing Facilities

Besides the possibility to run workshops with a hybrid component, there are video conferencing facilities for small groups, for giving remote lectures and for participating in video conferences hosted by others. Please contact the IT staff, if you want to use one of our video conferencing systems.

Projection Devices

The presentation of computer data is supported.

A laptop is available upon request. Hence it suffices to bring the files to be presented on a USB flash drive, a DVD, or even to download them from the Internet.

If you are planning to do something special, please contact the IT staff some time in advance.


Wireless LAN (802.11n/g protocol) is accessible almost everywhere in the buildings and in parts of the grounds. Choose the open WLAN "mfo" or eduroam. We also supply twisted pair cables to connect your laptop to our local area network.


There are facilities for printing and scanning.

Communication Facilities

The telephone booths on each floor of the Guest House and the Conference and Library Building are equipped with ordinary telephones and with ethernet connections to let you skype or zoom with the aid of your own laptop.