How to print


The Institute's guests can choose among three printers:

  • library-lower-floor — next to the library office
  • guesthouse-1st-floor — in the telephone booth
  • guesthouse-2nd-floor — in the Research in Pairs Working Area

Please see printer properties and locations for details.

Print via web interface

Just upload your files to the MFO web printer

The MFO web printer accepts the following file types and file name extensions:

  • Portable Document Format — .pdf
  • PostScript — .ps, .eps
  • Image — .jpg, .png, .gif, .tif, and others
  • Text — .txt, .log, .conf, .c, and others

It does not accept MS Office or LibreOffice documents, however.

Install a printer on your laptop

Please see the instructions for the different operating systems: Windows  macOS  Linux

Print from your smartphone or tablet

Printing from an iPhone or iPad is likely to work fine while printing from an Android smartphone or tablet heavily depends on the vendor and version. Please see the detailed instructions: Android  iOS

Print from USB flash drive

The four regular printers have USB ports to print directly from your USB flash drive. In case of the multi-function printers, they can also be used for storing your scanned documents.

The USB ports are marked with a USB sticker on the printer to indicate their location.

Connect your USB flash drive to the USB port and follow the instructions on the printer's display to select the files you want to print.

Technical support

In case of questions or problems, please contact the IT staff, after announcement in the reception/guest office.