Computer, Internet, Communication

Where are the computers? Where can I send e-mails?

The computers are in the conference and library building on the lower floor along with the monographs A-G. Turn to the right when you come down the stairs.

Is there wireless network? Is there internet in my room?

There is wireless network in large parts of the buildings with the exception of the lecture halls and parts of the grounds. Just try if you get a signal. Wireless network in the rooms is available from 9 p.m . until 8 a.m. In addition there is wireless network in bungalow I all day, as the Oberwolfach Leibniz Fellows usually live there. For long term researchers there is cable-bound ethernet in the apartements and in bungalow V.

Do I need a password?

You will need a password for using the Institute’s computers. Participants of workshops will find their passwords in the red folder at the far end of the computer room. Long-term researchers will find their passwords in their rooms.

Where can I print, scan or fax?

There is a special copy room in the basement of the conference and library building, with facilities for printing, scanning and copying. To send a fax, please come to the guest office in the guest house.

Where can I make a phone call?

You will find phone booths on each floor of the two buildings, for example behind the stairs on your left in the main entrance hall of the guest house or beside the lavatories in the conference and library building. The phone booths provide ethernet connectors to let you use skype with the aid of your laptop.

Do you have special mathematical software installed?

Yes. We offer a big variety of mathematical software. For detailed information consult the following information page.

Can I use a data projector for my presentation?

Yes. The lecture halls are equipped with presentation devices for transparencies and computer data. If you didn’t bring your own laptop you may want to use a colleague’s laptop or else borrow one at the IT staff's office.

I am technically lost!

Please take a look at the computer help page at the info point in the dining hall. This is a laminated two-sided instruction sheet that you will easily find. If you need further help, please consult the IT Staff in the conference and library building on the upper floor at the end of the corridor.