How many items do you have in the library?

The task of the library is to acquire and to provide specialist literature from all fields of mathematics and its neighboring areas as complete as possible and, of course, the stock is growing every year. The current number of items can be seen at

How can I find a certain book?

Please use the Library Search Portal. You can access it from the computers available in the library or from abroad. You may search for complete books or journals as well as individual chapters or articles. If you can’t find a certain book, our librarian is pleased to assist you you during office hours (see

Can I take a book into my room or borrow it for some time?

In general, books are not allowed to be taken out of the conference and library building. An exception applies for long-term researchers who may take books temporarily to their rooms/working places. However, we urge you to bring the books back to the library at the end of your stay and to place them on the book trolley. For the complete terms and conditions in using our books, please visit

How do I access electronic journals and books?

E-journals and e-books can be accessed via our website You may use one of the computers in the library or your own device within the network (Wifi or LAN) of the Institute. Please note that special terms of use apply to electronic journals and books. We provide remote access to our electronic library resources to all participants of the Oberwolfach research programs. It is limited to the duration of participation plus one week prior to the start date and two weeks after the end of a workshop or long-term stay. For available resources and further information on this service please visit

How can I make scans or photocopies?

Use the photocopy machine in the copy room in the lower floor of the library next to the library office. Instructions are given on a sheet next to the machine. A book scanner is also available at the library premises. Please note, that the making and use of copies or scans of all kinds are subject to legal regulations, especially copyright laws.