Work and Program

When does the Workshop/Seminar/Arbeitsgemeinschaft start?

The lectures usually start on Monday morning after breakfast. The detailed program is decided by the organizers during the week. It is usually announced in the morning at the info points next to the lecture halls or in the dining hall.

Where can I/we work?

Many individual workplaces are distributed throughout the lower floor of the library building. The three lecture halls at the upper floor of the library building are at the disposal of larger groups in our short-term programs (i.e. Workshops, Mini-Workshops, Seminars, and Arbeitsgemeinschaften). One of the lecture halls can be divided into two smaller discussion rooms. If not in use by a short-term meeting the lecture halls may also be used by long-term researchers. Further working and discussion spaces for smaller groups in both our short-term and long-term programs are provided throughout the library building and the guest house. All of them are equipped with generous blackboards. The two working rooms at the second floor of the guest house are especially reserved for our guests in the Oberwolfach Research Fellows program.

During summer you may also wish to work on one of our outdoor blackboards on the balconies in the guest house or in the garden behind the library building.

Where can I get a copy of the picture with all workshop participants?

The picture is usually taken on Tuesday or Wednesday morning. Please add your name to the picture list available in front of the lecture hall and collect your picture on Friday at lunch time in the guest services office. You can download a digital copy on the Oberwolfach Photo Collection at, a photo database of mathematicians and mathematical events.