Computer, Internet, Communication

Is there wireless network? Is there internet in my room?

There is wireless network in the rooms and in large parts of the public areas. In addition, cable-bound ethernet can be found in the telephone booths, in some of the rooms and at many places in the conference and library building.

Do I need a password?

We will send you the required login data for certain work environments via email, prior to your stay. Information on  how to access the wireless network will be available in the FAQ section in the guest folder in your room. There are a few computers in the library which offer literature search sessions that do not require authentication.

Where can I print, copy or scan?

There are several facilities for printing, scanning and copying, the main ones being in a special room in the basement of the conference and library building, next to the library office. For further printers please check the maps in the guest folder in your room. See the instructions on our website on how to use them.

Where can I make a phone call?

You will find phone booths on each floor of the guest house, for example behind the stairs on your left in the main entrance hall, or beside the lavatories at the upper floor of the conference and library building.

I would need video conferencing equipment/a laptop/a power supply...

We offer a variety of technical devices. They are either present in the lecture halls or can be borrowed in the IT office. Just let us know.

I am technically lost!

Please consult the IT staff via it(at) or +49 7834 979 27 (direct dial: 27). Their office can be found in the conference and library building on the upper floor at the end of the corridor.