General Information

What is the “Oberwolfach Atmosphere”?

The Oberwolfach atmosphere is based on the beautiful and calm location of the Institute, the availability of one of the best math libraries and excellent research facilities in an open environment with good food and friendly staff. We hope it will contribute to a productive and comfortable stay.

Do I have to pay for anything?

Accommodation and food are provided by the Institute. You have to cover expenses for travelling, telephone, beverages, prints and photo-copies (at the cost price). Please leave the respective amounts in the corresponding cash boxes before Friday afternoon. In the guest office in the guest house, we can provide you with change or cash. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express credit cards and German EC-Cards.

What should I do in case of emergency?

Try to contact one of the staff members and call the following numbers. Dial a leading 0 for all outgoing calls, when using one of the Institute’s telephones (including emergency calls as shown below)! When using your own cell phone skip the leading 0 and start with the area code +49 7834.

Emergency ambulance 0-112
Police and Fire Fighters 0-112
Hospital Wolfach 0-970-0
Medical assistance on weekends 0-970-0
During working hours: Physician Ms. Rombach 0-869656
Dentist Dr. Uhl 0-4533
Pharmacy Linden-Apotheke 0-6565

These numbers are also given at all telephone spots in the Institute. Please memorize beforehand the best ways to leave the building from any place you visit - in case of emergency. Furthermore see our evacuation plan for the nearest fire extinguisher. A first aid box and a defibrillator are located on the ground floor of the guest house, next to the dining hall. If you are concerned about ticks or snakes, please feel free to contact the guest office for further information.

I have some suggestions, where can I leave them?

Please write your suggestions, wishes, remarks and any type of feedback into the “Wunschbuch” (“wish-book”) available at the information desk opposite the guest office in the guest house. Additionally there is a “Wunschbuch” in the library to place book wishes.

Where can I park my car?

Please park your car behind the guest house in the designated area. Please do not park in the turn-around.

Whom do I address with other questions?

Please consult the staff at the guest office. If the office is closed you can address the colleagues in the conference and library building or the house keeping staff (please ask a German speaking colleague to help translating).

Safety Issues

Please note that the open staircases in the upper floors of the guest house are not safe for children and that it is not allowed to climb on the Boy surface in front of the conference and library building (stability and injury risk). The Institute will not be liable for any injuries or accidents.

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