Leisure Facilities

Are there some indoor sports facilities?

There is a fitness room on the lower floor of the conference and library building with several exercise machines and pieces of sports equipment (use at your own risk, please enter only with clean shoes resistant to abrasion). You can also play table tennis and tabletop soccer there. Table tennis balls can be purchased at the guest services office in the guest house.

Where can I go for walking, hiking, running or cycling?

The many trails in the beautiful nature of the Black Forest offer lots of possibilities of varying difficulty. In general, we recommend sturdy shoes. For a short, leisurely stroll we recommend the footpaths around the Institute buildings, where several benches invite you to linger (for example go down the stairs in the garden behind the library building).

Usually on Wednesday afternoon there is an excursion in the Black Forest to a restaurant. For individual hiking tours, maps can be borrowed at the reception.

A collection of possible running routes is provided on our website.

The Institute also offers bikes and helmets for rent. Please ask at the guest services office for them.

Concerning all outdoor activities, please consider our hints for protection against ticks in our section on safety and healthcare.

I've heard you have a music room with a grand piano?

In the music room located in the lower floor of the conference and library building you can find a grand piano, a violin, a viola, a cello and a guitar. Sheet music and music stands are also available. New strings are available at the library office. Kindly note, that in order to protect the instruments it is not allowed to bring food or drinks into the music room.

Do you provide some games?

Below the stairs in the library, there is a billiard table. On the second floor of the guest house you will find a half-men-size chess game. Tabletop soccer and table tennis can be played in the fitness room. Board and card games are available opposite the guest services office in the guest house.

Do you also have some fictional literature?

A selection of fiction books is located on the first floor of the guest house.

Is there a possibility to play soccer somewhere?

Thanks to an agreement with the local municipality our guests are allowed to play soccer on the sports ground in the village of Oberwolfach after an advance reservation. If you would like to play soccer with some colleagues please contact us beforehand.

What do you offer for children?

A collection of children’s books is provided on the first floor of the guest house. Toys for different ages can be borrowed via the reception. We have also prepared a special collection with attractions for families. In order to reach them we recommend to rent a car. Our staff can help you to arrange this.