Accommodation and Practical Facilities

Can I lock my valuables somewhere?

There are safes in the rooms. If you are living in the guest house please ask for your personal access code in the guest services office. If you are living in one of the bungalows you may choose your own code.

Can you provide socket adapters for my electronic devices?

We offer a variety of adapters in the guest services office to borrow. Please note that in Europe a voltage of 230 V is used.

Are there facilities for handicapped persons?

We have two rooms with easy access situated in the bungalows I and II. The library and conference building is equipped with a passenger elevator. The entrances to the main buildings are equipped with automatic door openers and a ramp. On request, we can help finding a regional medical supply store that temporarily rents medical products and aids.

What do you offer for children and babies?

The Institute can provide baby beds and baby seats for the tables. If necessary, the institute can help finding and funding child support (please see the information leaflet and the application form). Toys for different ages can be borrowed at the reception. A selection of children’s books can be found at the first floor in the guest house.

Can I wash my clothes at the Institute?

You can use our laundry facilities on the first floor of the guest house. It is located in the right corridor towards the backside of the building, first room on your left.

How often will the towels be changed?

Please help us to protect the environment. If you would like to receive fresh towels, please put them in the sink on Wednesday morning. If you leave the towels on the towel rail, we will assume that they do not need to be replaced. Please do not leave the towels at the floor.

Do I have to pay for anything?

Accommodation and meals are provided by the Institute. You have to cover expenses for traveling, telephone, beverages, sweets, snacks, prints, photocopies, post cards and stamps (at the cost price). You can pay by cash (see instructions at the institute) or by credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express credit cards and German EC-Cards.

How can I post a letter?

Opposite the guest services office in the guest house you will find a table with a mail slot that leads to our outgoing letter box. There, you can also find post cards, stamps and envelopes.

Is there a shop nearby?

A small selection of goods (soap, tooth paste and tooth brushes, stationeries, shaving kit, further hygiene and toilet articles, etc.) is available at the guest services office. The bakery down the hill offers some additional groceries. A supermarket can be found in Wolfach (8 km distance, note that the Institute offers some bikes to borrow).