European Mathematical Society: call for membership

The MFO is pleased to spread the call of the European Mathematical Society (EMS) for membership.

EMS is concerned with all areas of mathematics and in particular is highly interested in bringing together colleagues working in applications and on interdisciplinary research. Having mathematics and its role in applications duly represented within the society is essential for the EMS to fulfil its mission and accordingly EMS would very much like to encourage anyone interested in mathematics in the broad sense to become members. This can either be done via the EMS website, see, or via a joint membership with your own society in case it exists.

Some benefits of becoming a member of the EMS are:

  • Access to funding for organising European meetings in mathematics. See for details.
  • The opportunity to join the EMS topical activity groups (TAGs) that are currently being established, and through the TAGs to network, exchange and collaborate with colleagues across Europe. See for details.
  • The EMS Young Academy (EMYA) is another recently established entity that provides early career mathematicians with the opportunity to engage
    in the organisation of the EMS, network on a European level and establish new activities for mathematicians in Europe. See for details.
  • Joining the European collaboration between the EMS, the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI) and EU-MATHS-IN, to foster and promote industrial mathematics throughout Europe.
  • The EMS publishes news on European mathematics in a monthly newsletter called EMS-Digest and in the EMS Magazine which appears four times per year. EMS members have access to these news channels for staying up-to-date on mathematical activities in Europe as well as a mean for bringing their own activities and research breakthroughs to the attention of European