Cooperation with CIMPA-ICTP Fellowship program "Research in Pairs" started

The MFO engages as the German partner center for the CIMPA-ICTP Fellowships program "Research in Pairs" launched by the Centre International de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (CIMPA) and the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP). This week the first laureate has visited Oberwolfach.

Pani W. Fernando (Nugegoda, Sri Lanka) and Barbara Rüdiger (Wuppertal, Germany) are working in the field of stochastic differential equations, in particular on various aspects of stochastic hydrodynamical systems with a focus on nonlinear filtering theory.

The CIMPA-ICTP Fellowships program "Research in Pairs" makes it possible for researchers in mathematics based in a developing country to come to Europe to collaborate with a colleague. It is expected that these two persons will work together on a well-substantiated research project, mainly in the institute of the European colleague. The laureate and his/her colleague may propose to carry out part of their collaboration during a week at one of the partner centers located in the host’s country. Thanks to longstanding experiences with its own fellowship programs (i.e. the newly framed Oberwolfach Research Fellows program and the former Research in Pairs and Oberwolfach Leibniz Fellows program) Oberwolfach comes with ideal structures and facilities for such guest research stays and provides excellent working conditions. Fortunately, the institute was able to offer the capacity for hosting two pairs of researchers in 2023, next to its own scientific programs. We are very happy to support the CIMPA-ICTP Fellowship in this way.