Newsletter 2024-I

The newsletter will inform you on the latest news and activities of the MFO, in particular with regard to open calls and upcoming scientific events at the Institute.

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General News

Oberwolfach Program 2025

We are pleased that the schedule of workshops and other activities in 2025 is published now:

Check online:
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Poster with scientific program 2025

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Happy Birthday, Snapshots!

Ten years ago the MFO published the first “Snapshot of modern mathematics from Oberwolfach”. Since then, almost 130 articles from various fields of mathematics have been added and more are to follow. We would like to thank all authors and editors who contributed to the series and helped to make mathematical research more accessible to an interested public!

The snapshots are written by participants of the scientific program at the MFO, who volunteer to explain an important aspect of their research in an accessible and understandable way. A team of editors selects the manuscripts that are most suitable and assists the authors in communicating complicated matters to a broad audience. The MFO publishes the snapshots open source in cooperation with the IMAGINARY platform and on its own publication server.

Interested readers can Rss Icon subscribe to our RSS feed and stay up-to-date on our latest snapshots.

More information can be found on our snapshots website.

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7th MaRDI Newslettercomic-like depiction of different research data types in mathematics: software, formalized mathematics, simulations, worksflow documentations, documents, visualizations and examples, empirical records, literature references, collections of objects

The seventh MaRDI newsletter about Research Data Management in Mathematics is published. MaRDI (Mathematical Research Data Initiative) is a Germany-wide initiative to address challenges in mathematical research. It is aimed at the mathematical community to reconsider how to use – and provide –  research data by using the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principles. The seventh issue of the MaRDI newsletter, “Math & Data Quarterly”, focuses on research data management in mathematics.

The Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach is part of the MaRDI consortium, coordinated by the Berlin Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics (WIAS). It currently includes 23 other partners (universities and research institutes, scientific infrastructure facilities, clusters of excellence as well as the German Mathematical Society DMV and the European Mathematical Society EMS).

More information can be found at

Interested readers can subscribe to the MaRDI newsletter: Math & Data Quarterly


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11th Heidelberg Laureate Forum

Early career researchers in computer science and mathematics from all over the world can apply for one of the 200 coveted spots to participate in the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF), an annual networking event.

The HLF offers all accepted researchers the unique opportunity to interact with the laureates of the most prestigious prizes in the fields of mathematics and computer science. Traditionally, the recipients of the Abel Prize, the ACM A.M. Turing Award, the ACM Prize in Computing, the Fields Medal, the IMU Abacus Medal and the Nevanlinna Prize engage in cross-generational scientific dialogue with early career researchers in Heidelberg, Germany.

The 11th HLF will take place from September 22 to 27, 2024. The application period runs from November 9, 2023, until February 9, 2024. Applications can be submitted via the following link:

Further information is provided at the newsroom of the HLF.

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Call for Applications to Participation

Arbeitsgemeinschaften in 2024

Every year in spring and in autumn, there are week-long Arbeitsgemeinschaften (study groups) in Oberwolfach with about 50 participants. The idea of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft is to learn by giving one of the lectures on the topic under study. There will be 3 study groups in 2024:

Geometry and Representation Theory around the P=W Conjecture
31 Mar - 5 Apr 2024 (ID: 2414)
Tamas Hausel, Klosterneuburg
Davesh Maulik, Cambridge MA
Anton Mellit, Vienna
Olivier Schiffmann, Orsay
Junliang Shen, New Haven
Deadline for appl.: closed

Quantum Signal Processing and Nonlinear Fourier Analysis
6 Oct - 11 Oct 2024
András Gilyén, Budapest
Lin Lin, Berkeley
Christoph Thiele, Bonn
Deadline for appl.: 1 June 2024

Algebraic K-Theory and the Telescope Conjecture
13 Oct - 18 Oct 2024 (ID: 2442)
Robert Burklund, København
Ishan Levy, Cambridge MA
Jeremy Hahn, Cambridge MA
Tomer Schlank, Jerusalem
Deadline for appl.: 15 June 2024

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft is open to everybody, participation is by application to the organizers via See our webpage on the Arbeitsgemeinschaft for details how to apply.

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Oberwolfach Seminars in 2024

poster-seminare-2024.pngPh.D. students and postdocs are invited to apply for the Oberwolfach Seminars in 2024. The seminars are organized by leading experts in the field, and address to promising early career researchers from all over the world. The aim is to introduce the participants to a particular interesting development. The Institute covers board and lodging. By the support of the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation, travel expenses can be reimbursed up to 150 EUR in average per person (against copies of travel receipts). The number of participants is restricted to 25.

There will be 6 seminars in 2024. Descriptions and programs of each seminar can be found on the respective subpages.

Classification of C*-Algebras and Dynamics
Organizers: Shirly Geffen, Münster
Christopher Schafhauser, Lincoln
Gábor Szabó, Leuven
Stuart White, Oxford
Date (ID): 19 May – 24 May 2024 (2421a)
Deadline for application: 1 March 2024

Long-Time Behavior in Fluids
Organizers: Peter Constantin, Princeton
Theodore D. Drivas, Stony Brook
Tarek M. Elgindi, Durham, N.C.
Mihaela Ignatova, Philadelphia
Date (ID): 19 May – 24 May 2024 (2421b)
Deadline for application: 1 March 2024

Metric Topology of Aspherical Spaces
Organizers: Clara Löh, Regensburg
Roman Sauer, Karlsruhe
Date (ID): 20 – 25 October 2024 (2443a)
Deadline for application: 15 July 2024

Reduction of Arithmetic Varieties
Organizers: Thomas J. Haines, College Park
Timo Richarz, Darmstadt
Eva Viehmann, Münster
Torsten Wedhorn, Darmstadt
Date (ID): 20 – 25 October 2024 (2443b)
Deadline for application: 15 July 2024

Exponential Motives
Organizers: Javier Fresán, Palaiseau
Peter Jossen, London
Date (ID): 24 – 29 November 2024 (2448a)
Deadline for application: 1 September 2024

Control and Machine Learning
Organizers: Borjan Geshkovski, Cambridge
Domènec Ruiz-Balet, London
Enrique Zuazua, Erlangen
Date (ID): 24 – 29 November 2024 (2448b)
Deadline for application: 1 September 2024

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Banach Center - Oberwolfach Graduate Seminar 2024

There will be a Banach Center - Oberwolfach Graduate Seminar addressing to Ph.D. students and postdocs in fall/winter 2024 on

Black Holes and Conformal Infinities
Maciej Dunajski, Cambridge UK
Wojciech Kaminski, Erlangen
Jerzy Lewandowski, Warsaw

More information on the venue (Bedlewo), date, program and link to apply will soon be available at

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Oberwolfach Research Fellows

Small groups of researchers who want to come for a more extended period to Oberwolfach to carry out joint research in the stimulating atmosphere of the MFO can apply as Oberwolfach Research Fellow (OWRF). For fresh post-docs, it is additionally possible to apply for a Leibniz Fellowship in order to become an Oberwolfach Leibniz Fellow (OWLF). Within OWLF applications as a single researcher are also possible. Projects from all areas of mathematics can be supported by these programs, in particular, interdisciplinary research and cooperation is encouraged.

In view of the good audio-video facilities at the MFO, there is an option to apply for an OWRF research stay which includes a hybrid cooperation with a parallel research group at another place in the world. This can be a university or another research institute with a substantial distance to the MFO, usually outside Europe. It is up to the applicants to arrange such a cooperation with the other university or institute and to submit an additional application there if necessary.

All information about the programs and the different options can be viewed on our webpage on longer-term research stays.

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Call for Proposals

Oberwolfach Workshops 2026

The deadline for proposals of Oberwolfach Workshops in 2026 is 31 July 2024. The decision on the proposals by the Oberwolfach Scientific Committee is scheduled to the end of October 2024. See also the description of the program and our guidelines for proposals of an Oberwolfach Workshop.

Applications should be sent as pdf-files to the Director Prof. Dr. Gerhard Huisken, via

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Oberwolfach Mini-Workshops 2024-2025

The fixed weeks and deadlines to apply for an Oberwolfach Mini-Workshop in 2024-2025 are

Dates of Mini-Workshops Deadlines for proposals
17 Nov - 22 Nov 2024 15 March 2024
8 Dec - 13 Dec 2024 15 March 2024
16 Feb - 21 Feb 2025 1 September 2024
2 Mar - 7 Mar 2025 1 September 2024
26 Oct - 31 Oct 2025 1 April 2025
7 Dec - 12 Dec 2025 1 April 2025

For each of these weeks the decision about the Mini-Workshops takes place about 3 weeks after the corresponding deadline for application, which is about half a year before the week of the Mini-Workshop.

Applications should be sent as pdf-files to the Director Prof. Gerhard Huisken, via See also our guidelines for proposals.

Tandem Option

As an option, in special cases a proposal for a Mini-Workshop can be in hybrid format, containing an additional component of online participants (not more than the number of on-site participants). This option is meant in particular for cases where high travel costs would otherwise prohibit a group of scientists from a country with weaker research infrastructure from participating in a Mini-Workshop. In this case the proposal should also contain a concept and schedule of the activities planned to be jointly with the group of online participants, taking into account any differences in time-zones. Arrangements for hosting such a non-Oberwolfach tandem component at another institute should be mentioned in the proposal, but are up to the organizers of the Mini-Workshop and have to be independent of MFO.

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Networking Activities

MFO calls for proposals for Workshops with a distinguished networking character. This is a new category of Workshops within the MFO program whose aim is to enhance gender and diversity, and to strengthen the impact of minorities in mathematics.

Invited are proposals for such activities in the MFO Workshop program (which also includes half workshops) and in the Mini-Workshop program.

The proposals for such networking Workshops or networking Mini-Workshops should describe a specific research subject as usual - see our proposal guidelines for more details on this aspect - while also providing a detailed concept for the proposed networking and possible mentoring activities. In particular, please specify in which way you would like to give preference to the selection of speakers and/or participants in terms of gender and diversity and indicate a preliminary list of proposed participants.

The deadlines and submitting procedures are the same as for the traditional Workshops and Mini-Workshops (see proposal guidelines). The Scientific Committee will discuss and decide on this new category of networking activities based on scientific quality and the networking concept at the same time but separately from the traditional formats.

Further measures to promote equality and diversity at the Institute can be found in our EDI policy.

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Oberwolfach Seminars 2025

The seminars address to excellent and promising graduate students and post docs. The aim is to introduce the participants to a particular hot development. There will be capacity for 6 seminars in 2025, the free slots are as follows:

2524      08 Jun - 13 Jun 2025
2543      19 Oct - 24 Oct 2025
2548      23 Nov - 28 Nov 2025

The deadline for proposals of Oberwolfach Seminars in 2025 is 31 July 2024. The decision on the proposals by the Oberwolfach Scientific Committee is scheduled to the end of October 2024. See also our description of the seminar program.

Applications should be sent as pdf-files to the Vice Director Prof. Dr. Matthias Hieber, via

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Tandem Workshops in 2025

The MFO has successfully organized hybrid Tandem Workshops with the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS), Kyoto University, Japan and the Australian Mathematical Research Institute MATRIX 2021-2024. We plan to organize Tandem Workshops in 2025 again and have reserved free capacity in the week 21 - 26 September 2025.

The corresponding call for proposals will be published soon, please check our website and news regularly. The deadline will be in summer 2024 (end of July or August).